LBC Party Policy

We have opened the private and reserved-space party option for the 2021 Pool Season!

Melanie Marks and Christina Evra are in charge of the party reservations for the pool, there are a few scenarios for reserving a space so please see the info below and then reach out if you want to discuss your party specifically.

Weekday Parties

Small Parties (weekdays): under 12 non-member guests

Parties may be held on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) during pool hours. If you have less than 12 non-member guests, you must have a reservation for the party. Non-member guests are considered anyone walking into the pool deck, regardless of age or if they plan to swim or not. 

For a small weekday party, please contact Melanie Marks or Christina Evra directly to book and schedule your party and reserve your tables. Please make sure to have an estimated headcount before you reserve - parties that arrive with 12 or more non-member guests will not be permitted entry. If you may have more than 12 non-member guests (any age, swimming or not swimming), please see the note below on how to contact Sweetwater to reserve a guard. They need a minimum of one week notice for this. Large parties will be turned away unless you have made prior arrangements. 

Party will be 3-hours, all non-members must leave the pool deck after the party time is over. You will have reserved tables under the overhang. The only thing you pay to LBC is guest fees ($3/person, regardless of age or if swimming or not swimming). Melanie or Christina will make your reservation personally.

Large Parties (weekdays) over 12 non-member guests

If you plan on hosting more than 12 non-member guests at your party, you will need to reserve an additional guard. This can be done through the Sweetwater website, link is below. Your party is not confirmed until you have paid Sweetwater directly.

Party fees are paid directly to Sweetwater. The only thing you pay LBC is guest fees ($3/person, regardless of age or if swimming or not swimming)

Note for weekday parties:  The pool will remain open and accessible to all members during scheduled member hosted parties. Thus, the Board reserves the right to deny a party reservation for a party that is too large in size to accommodate without restricting access to members.  Member hosted parties cannot be scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays at this time. Only Private Parties will be held on Sunday mornings. 

Private Parties

Held on Sundays from 10am-noon only

If you would like a truly private party (you'll have the run of the pool, deck & playground!) please contact Sweetwater directly to book your event. They can accommodate any number of guests, but one lifeguard is required for every 25 guests (member or non-member, swimmer or non-swimmer, the headcount is every person at the pool). Fees are paid directly to Sweetwater. The only thing you pay to LBC is guest fees ($3/person, regardless of age or if swimming or not swimming)

We are not permitting parties on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays during pool hours

Add-on Party Manager

All parties come with the option to add-on a party manager and set-up benefits: $50 fee paid to Leslie Beach Club

-Party Manager who will assist you in setup/cleanup, giving you more time to interact with your guests!

- Tablecloths to be placed on reserved tables (under overhang on pool deck, number of tables determined by headcount)

-Drink bins and ice to keep drinks or snacks cold

- Party tableware: chip bowls, platters, etc. You will be responsible for plates, napkins & silverware. Don't forget the cake knife!

- Access to the fridge! In this GA heat, access to a fridge is huge! Keep that gorgeous cake or box of popsicles super cold while you swim. We do have limited space, if you will have large items please arrange with us beforehand to see if we can accommodate. 

- Ensure all guests have vacated at the proper time, again leaving you more time to spend with your guests.

Parties booked through Sweetwater: The more notice you can give the better but they require a minimum of 3-hours before the party date to cancel.

Parties booked through LBC directly (small weekday parties) with no Add-On Party Manager can be cancelled up to party time. If you book a party manager, you must give 24 hours notice to cancel, otherwise that fee is still due to LBC.

Parties cancelled due to weather will be handled on a case-by-case basis

Party Guidelines

Here are the written and published guidelines for member-hosted parties at Leslie Beach Club:
  • Party: A party constitutes twelve (12) or more non-member attendees.  You must include any adult chaperones or non-swimmers in your head count, 1 adult for every 5 swimmers.
  • Guest fees are $3.00 per guest.  Any person who is not a member of LBC is considered a guest, requiring an entry fee to be paid.  The host member is responsible for paying all fees on the day of the party, either by bringing a check in advance and given to Melanie Marks directly or paid via Venmo @lesliebeachclub. All fees should be paid on the day of your party.
  • Weekday parties are limited to three (3) hours, including set-up and clean up.
  • Sunday private parties will be limited to two (2) hours, including set-up and clean up. The guards will blow the whistle at 11:45 to ensure everyone has exited the pool deck before noon. If you do not elect to have a Party Manager you are expected to fully clean up, trash removed and taken to the dumpsters, and all guests out of the pool deck by 12:00pm. Please leave yourself ample time to tidy up.
  • The host member is responsible for ensuring that all guests follow LBC rules and obey lifeguard instructions
  • The host member is responsible for all clean up and trash removal (including sweeping, etc.). Leave no trace!
  • There is no food or beverage allowed on the playground area at any time.
  • LBC scheduled events take precedence over any member hosted party.
  • Parties may not be scheduled on holidays or any other time there is a scheduled LBC event.
  • Parties for children must be chaperoned with one (1) adult for each five (5) children.
  • After-hours parties are not allowed.
  • Parties are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Every attempt will be made to accommodate requests, provided that appropriate lifeguard supervision can be arranged and the host member is wholly responsible for obtaining lifeguard coverage, no matter how many lifeguards are already on duty for the member usage.
  • Lifeguards may only be contracted through Sweetwater directly. We're thrilled you have a friend who is a lifeguard, unfortunately they cannot work at our pool for your event. Please contact Sweetwater to arrange for a lifeguard.
  • The LBC Board has the discretion to deny a party request or cancel at any time.


  • Only adult club members in good standing are permitted to schedule a party.
  • Party reservation requests must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the requested event date, so that lifeguards can be scheduled. Rush fees may apply, and will be at the discretion of Sweetwater.
  • Reservation requests must specify date and time for the event and include the total number of invitees, including the total of all non-member guests.

Contact Information

Let us know if we can schedule your event at LBC!

Melanie Marks or Christina Evra

Leslie Beach Club
2539 Leslie Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345

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