LBC Party Policy

Until further notice, due to our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures adopted for Summer 2020, there will be no party reservations.

We always try to accommodate our members who wish to host a party at LBC!

Jonathan Luddeke is in charge of booking, calendaring, and managing the parties scheduled.  Please fill out this form to request your LBC party date.  You can contact Melanie if you have any questions.

Note:  The pool must remain open and accessible to all members during scheduled member hosted parties. Thus, the Board reserves the right to deny a party reservation for a party that is too large in size to accommodate without restricting access to members.  Member hosted parties cannot be scheduled for Friday or Saturday evenings (6:00 pm or later) as that is the time of maximum member usage.

Parties cannot be at a time when the pool is closed unless special permission is granted by the LBC Board.  If you anticipate 10 or more non-member swimmers (adults and children), you will need to contact Sweetwater Pool Management directly, as they are who we contract with for our lifeguards.  You will need to hire and pay for one additional lifeguard depending on the number of guests, according to Sweetwater’s schedule.  Please request and pay directly through the Sweetwater link here.

Party Guidelines

Here are the written and published guidelines for member-hosted parties at Leslie Beach Club:
  • Party: A party constitutes ten (10) or more attendees, members or non-members.  You must include any adult chaperones in your head count.
  • Guest fees are $3.00 per guest.  Any person who is not a member of LBC is considered a guest, requiring an entry fee to be paid.  The host member is responsible for paying all fees on the day of the party, either by dropping cash or check in the guest fee box, delivering to a Board Member, or by Venmo to lesliebeachclub.
  • Private parties are limited to three (3) hours, including set-up and clean up.
  • The host member is responsible for ensuring that all guests follow LBC rules.
  • The host member is responsible for all clean up and trash removal (including sweeping, etc.): pack it in, pack it out!
  • There is no food or beverage allowed on the playground area at any time.
  • LBC scheduled events take precedence over any member hosted party.
  • Parties may not be scheduled on holidays or any other time there is a scheduled LBC event.
  • Parties for children must be chaperoned with one (1) adult for each five (5) children.
  • After-hours parties are not allowed.
  • Parties are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Every attempt will be made to accommodate requests, provided that appropriate lifeguard supervision can be arranged and the host member is wholly responsible for obtaining lifeguard coverage, no matter how many lifeguards are already on duty for the member usage.
  • The LBC Board has the discretion to deny a party request.


  • Only adult club members in good standing are permitted to schedule a party.
  • Party reservation requests must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the requested event date, so that lifeguards can be scheduled.
  • Reservation requests must specify date and time for the event and include the total number of invitees, including the total of all non-member guests.

Contact Information

Let us know if we can schedule your event at LBC!

Melanie Marks

Leslie Beach Club
2539 Leslie Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345

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