To provide membership with social enrichment through the use of recreational  facilities . . .

We are a volunteer managed, private swim and tennis club offering a welcoming and fun environment to members and their guests, all at an affordable price.  Our board members serve two year terms and either serve as an officer of the club or as a committee chairperson.  In addition to the Board, there are many opportunities to serve by offering your time and talent on one of our committees.  Contact one of us to get in on the fun!

Board Members

President – Tom Probst

Tom, a native St. Louisan, has been living in the South since 1989.  He and Gabriela have 4 children and have lived seven houses down from LBC since 2001. You’ll see Tom and family regularly drive back and forth to LBC on his daughter’s moped.  When not watching European soccer of any kind or maintaining Gabriela’s garden, Tom enjoys spending summers at LBC with his kids, usually with a drink in hand, and playing tennis year-round, also with a drink in hand.

Vice President and Membership Chairperson Gabriela Probst

Gabriela grew up in Atlanta and has lived in the neighborhood since 2001.  Her daughters were on swim team for many years, and now her sons participate.  By the time the last one graduates she will have been a swim team mom for 28 years.  She and her husband Tom have a large garden which she designed and he maintains.  She works part time from home and does a variety of volunteer work.  She currently serves as the Vice President for membership on the LBC Board and sends the weekly newsletters.

Secretary – Kristen Bryant

Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Kristen has lived in Atlanta for ten years.  She and her husband, Ben, have been members of LBC since 2016 as a family.  Although, her husband grew up across the street from LBC and has been a member most of his life.  Both of their children participate in LBC’s swim team.  The Bryants love to visit National Parks, spend time outdoors, and cycle as a family.  They enjoy spending most of their summers hanging out with their LBC pool family.  Kristen works as a non-profit fundraiser and currently serves as Secretary for the LBC Board.

Treasurer – John McMillen

Originally from Columbus, OH (Go Bucks!), John has lived in Atlanta for thirty years. He and his wife, Amy, have been members of LBC for 20 years. They have two children that have enjoyed the pool and swim team for many years. John plays on both the Men’s and Mixed ALTA B teams and has been known to occasionally play a game of stickball. John works at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Support Services and currently serves as the Treasurer for the LBC Board.

Grounds – Jason Smith

Jason has been a resident of the neighboring community for 18 years having originally been drawn to Atlanta in 1995 ahead of the Olympic Games.  Jason and his wife Melissa, LBC members for the past 3 years, have been practicing Architecture for over 25 years and still have found time to raise 3 boys, Andrew, Simon & Jacob.  When not working on the recent LBC renovation, Jason has enjoyed leisure time at the pool and playing on the Men’s ALTA C tennis team. Having come to know and be impressed by the inventive and talented members who make up the LBC community over the course of the renovation, I look forward to taking an active role in helping the club toward its 2030 Vision.

Swim Team Co-Chair – Sue Boehringer

Sue is from North Carolina and has lived in Atlanta since 1999.  Sue and her husband Scott have two sons, Sam & Matthew, who have been LBC Penguins since the family joined in 2012.  Sue has served as Swim Team Co-Coordinator with Lisa Stalter since 2016.  She has worked in Commercial Insurance for HSB Group since 2002.

Swim Team Co-Chair – Lisa Stalter

Originally from Minnesota, Lisa has lived in Atlanta since 2001.  She and her husband, Todd, have been members of LBC since 2008.  Both of their children participate in LBC’s swim team and Lisa plays ALTA and T2 tennis.  They enjoying spending most of their summers traveling and enjoying weekend evenings at the LBC pool.  Lisa works for Cox Communication as a Sr. Finance Director, serves on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club and currently serves as Swim Team Co-Coordinator on the LBC Board.

Social Co-Chair – Melanie Marks

Melanie grew up in Atlanta and went to Henderson and Lakeside.  She and her husband Jeremy have been members since 2016 with their three sons.  They love summers at the pool and can always be found at a cute table with snacks.  Melanie's favorite way of entering the pool is going down the water slide.  Melanie joined ALTA in 2019 and has enjoyed playing tennis.  She uses LBC year-round and loves her LBC family.  She is very active with the boys' schools, Tapestry and Globe.  She is looking forward to serving the club as the social chair.

Social Co-Chair – Christina Homer Evra 

Originally from Conyers, GA, Christina and her Lakeside-alum husband Keith have been LBC members since 2019.  She majored in PR, and loves planning events (formerly the outreach chair of her alma mater alumni board - Georgia College), traveling, photography, evening walks around the neighborhood, and cuddling with her 3 cats.  She now works in digital advertising.  Christina can be found at the pool with a good book in one hand, and a glass of Rosé in the other.  She doesn't yet play tennis, but cheers on her husband, who does.  She currently serves as the social co-chair.

Tennis Co-Chair – Jennifer Takeuchi

Originally from Douglas, GA, Jen has lived in Atlanta for 20 years.  She and her husband, Kenji, have been members of LBC since 2004.  Their three children are busy with soccer, baseball, and climbing, while Kenji and Jen are happy on the tennis courts.  They currently serve as tennis co-chairs for the LBC Board.

Tennis Co-Chair – Kenji Takeuchi

Originally from Conyers, GA, Kenji has lived in Atlanta for 20 years.  Kenji and his wife, Jen have been members of LBC since 2004.  Their three children are busy with soccer, baseball, and climbing, while Kenji and Jen are happy on the tennis courts.  They currently serve as tennis co-chairs for the LBC Board.

Pool Operations  Chris Henning

Chris Henning is originally from southeast Louisiana (Baton Rouge area), where he worked in the residential and commercial swimming pool industry for 13 years before moving with his wife, Tara, to Atlanta. Chris, Tara, and their two boys have been LBC members for 3 years and look forward to pool season each year. His oldest son is loving his first year swimming as a Penguin. Chris is an IT Security Administrator with the Cobb County Water Department and coordinates pool maintenance for the LBC Board.

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