Multiple ALTA men’s, women’s, seniors’ and mixed teams for all skill levels. . .

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LBC has a large tennis community, with competitive ALTA men’s, women’s, seniors’ and mixed teams for all skill levels, whether you are just beginning or a seasoned veteran, whether you can only play/practice infrequently or are available all the time.  Team tennis is fun, great exercise and a great way to meet up with other club members.

If you are interested in joining a team, please contact the appropriate captain listed below.  If you are unsure of what level you should be at, we will set up a level evaluation/consult (not required) with a club member and place you on the similarly skilled team.

To setup an evaluation, or answer any questions pertaining to tennis, please contact one of our tennis chairpersons, Ellen at or Julie at

Men's ALTA Tennis Team Captains:

 Group  Level  Captain(s)  Email
 18+  AA-4  Joe Wickham
     Ken Mooney
   A-8 Jeff Culberson
     Gil Davis
   B-1  Steve Zeliff
     Brent Holland
   C-4  Anil Kokoth
     Wes Swift
 Senior (55+) Wed AM  B-1  Don Higginbotham
     Tom Doolittle
 Senior (55+)   TBD  Doug Blisset

Women's ALTA Tennis Team Captains:

 Group Level  Captain(s)  Email 
 18+  A-5  Anne Sturtevant
   B-1  Patti Johnson
     Jennifer Lewis
   B-7  Kristi Fuqua
   C-4  Leigh Ann Swift
     Ying Shi
 Thurs AM  B-7  Rachel Davis
     Jeannine Flor
   C-4 Robyn Brandman
     Melanie Marks

Mixed Doubles ALTA Tennis Team Captains:

 Group  Level  Captain(s)  Email 
 18+  A-7  Steve Zeliff
     Valerie Albrecht
   B-5  Jeff Culberson
     Bev Blissit
   B-5  Karen Higginbotham
   B-7  Jay Walsh
 Beginners  NA  Will Kirk

Junior Tennis Parent Coordinators:

 Group  Age  Coordinator  Email 
 Boys  U15 A-3  Ken Mooney
     Mara Mooney
 Boys  U15 C-3  Scott Boehringer
 Girls  U15  Robyn Brandman
   Stephanie Creel
 Boys  U12 C-3  Rachel Davis
 Girls  U12 C-3  Lizzie Jury
  April Callahan

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