Thank You Volunteers!

06/04/2020 9:32 PM | Anonymous

It is true that many hands make light work. We have an army of volunteers to thank for their help over this past weekend. At varying times we had the assistance of Todd and Abby Mowinski, Todd Stuckey, Ryan Tingle, Steve and Chip Seidenberg, Rachel Blanchard, Chase Ferguson, Randy Randolph, Tom Doolittle, Anne Holland, Brent Holland, Bob Flor, Melanie Clark, Kathy Malloy, Eric, Ellen, and Ariel Schwartz, Jason Smith, Patti Johnson, Margaret Evans, Norma Jaramillo, Jennifer Takeuchi, Don Higginbotham, Wes and LeighAnn Swift, Scott Boehringer, Maria Jefferds and Troy Brown, Amy and John McMillen, Sharon and Steve Robinson and their kids, Nancy Talero, Andrew Carlton, Pam and Alexander Mason, Ashley Kirk, Steve and George Zeliff, Ginger Vento, David Gushee, John and Cooper Ruckart, Mara Maddox, Carey Anderson and her sons, Brad Kesel, Andy Dickerson, and Tom and Gabriela Probst! Whew! Please forgive us if we have left anyone off this list. We accomplished a multitude of tasks, including but not limited to, pressure washing the pool decks, pressure washing the picnic tables, sweeping up trash, pruning the rose bushes, fixing the fans, clearing out construction trash and debris, painting the back deck, installing new toilet seats, installing new umbrella covers, positioning the planters, painting the picnic tables, painting the lifeguard stands, pressure washing the playground, and repairing the playground gate. Anne Sturtevant has graciously agreed to replant the planters as necessary, so look for those to be refreshed in the coming days. All these people really proved that we are a strong community, even in the face of unusual circumstances.


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