Covid-19 Update

04/22/2020 10:08 AM | Anonymous

Dear LBC Members,

Since we are only a few weeks away from what would have been our opening weekend, I wanted to give an update on the status of the club during these unusual times.  First of all, see below for an exciting announcement from Ashley Kirk to assist those in need during this crisis; please support Dylan and Jackson Kirk this coming Friday and Saturday.  Our Board members, each with committee roles, are hard at work behind the scenes to stay abreast of this ongoing situation.  In this newsletter, we would like to inform you of what we know at this time.

Chris Henning, our Pool Chairman, has been working closely with Sweetwater, our pool management company, preparing the pool ready for opening, as well as getting scenario updates on when the pool could possibly open.  Jennifer and Kenji Takeuchi have been staying up to date with the Atlanta tennis community and their playing recommendations.  Sue Boeringer and Lisa Stalter are monitoring the ASA Swim Association summer swim season plans and staying in touch with our new coach.  Gabriela Probst has worked tirelessly on dues collection, while John McMillan is keeping a close eye on our construction and operating budgets; their efforts along with your dues, obviously keep the club fiscally healthy.  Kristen Bryant is keeping you posted with Facebook updates, while Melanie Marks is eagerly planning for later social events.  

See below for more detail in each of these areas.  We'll continue to keep you up-to-date as circumstances warrant.  I, along with the rest of our volunteer Board, thank you for your continued support and flexibility during these very difficult times. 


Tom Probst
LBC President-Elect


Leslie Beach Club - 2539 Leslie Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345

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