Pool Hours Summer 2021

Opening Weekend: May 8 & 9 12pm-8pm

Saturday May 15th: 10am-8pm
Sunday May 16th: 12pm-8pm
Saturday May 22: 9am-8pm
Sunday May 23rd 12pm-8pm
Thursday May 27th 3pm-9pm
Friday May 28th: 3pm-10pm
Saturday May 29th: 10am-9pm
Sunday May 30th: 12pm-9pm
Monday May 31st: 11am-9pm


Sunday-Friday 6:30am-10am
Saturday: 6:30am-8am

Capacity-Based System - 125 members maximum at one time

We will not have a reservation system but instead we will rely on a capacity-based approach. We are in the process of setting up accounts with Omnify, an app that can be used to check real-time capacity numbers (so you know how many spots are open before packing up the family and heading over!) and you'll also have the ability to check in online before you arrive. And you will be able to note the number of people attending, this should allow many more families to be on deck as some families may not have all listed members in attendance that day, giving room to other members and their families. Since people can arrive at any time this should also significantly decrease check-in time. 

Time Allotment

Each family will be guaranteed 3 hours at the pool, if after those 3 hours there is no waitlist, you may stay as long as you wish. Once we have members waiting to get in, or checking in online, we will begin asking those members who arrived first to begin packing up. There is no set time for exiting the premises but we expect that within 15 minutes you can pack up your family and clean up your area - this should ensure that members don't ever have to wait too long to get in.

Members will be required to check in and out. This will be critical to ensure we have a correct headcount at all times. As this will impact all families, we will be quite strict about this, so please don't forget to check out! 

Early Swim

We will require new early swim waivers this year. A new copy will be required before your key card will permit you to enter before regular operating hours. For the early season (Saturday May 8th-Memorial Day), Early Swim will be from 6:30am-10am on weekdays and Sundays, Saturdays will be from 6:30am-8am. We are offering Water Aerobics again, taught by a long-time member and former water aerobics instructor, Jenean Carlton. This class will be on Saturday mornings from 8:30-9:30, so early swim on Saturdays will be from 6:30am-8am.

Leslie Beach Club - 2539 Leslie Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345

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